Zylofon Media takes over Ghana Movie Awards, shoots down conflict of interest argument


Its creative arts agenda continue unabated as Zylofon Media, has announced the acquisition of the franchise for the annual Ghana Movie Awards.

This was brought to the fore on Friday when the company held a press briefing at its premises at East Legon, Accra to unveil James Gardener, Benedicta Gafah, Bibi Bright, Toosweet Annan and Zynnell Zuh as ambassadors.

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According to Samuel Atuobi Baah, Head of Communications for Zylofon Media, one of the reasons for signing the aforementioned actors is that the organization has secured the franchise for Ghana Movie Award, a scheme designed to recognise excellence in the Ghanaian film industry.

“As people who have franchise for a particular award scheme, the best you can do is to contribute to that sector. We cannot run a movie awards when we don’t have anything doing with movies. It is our plan that we put out our own movies on the market,” he noted.

Asked how transparent the scheme would be considering the fact that other movies would be competing with that of franchise owners, Mr. Baah assured that Zylofon Media will have no control over nominations and who wins what.

“If you are a competent organization organizing any awards scheme, there is no way you will put your own people on the board. If we are going to do Ghana Movie Awards and we have competent and great names like KSM, Kwao Ansah on the board, I’m not sure you can tell them to honor a movie because you own it. Because no member of Zylofon is going to be on the board, we trust that the people who will sit on the board will do justice to the business we’ve tasked them to do,” he noted.

Zylofon Media sponsored the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards and was part of pre-production and general organization of the event.


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