Leave Ebony alone! – Sonnie Badu


Ghanaian UK-based gospel musician, Sonnie Badu has mounted a spirited defense for Ebony over her style of dressing, asking critics to show her love instead of being hypocritical.

In an interview with Sammy K, Sonnie Badu who admitted listening to secular music averred that Ebony has a management team who are aware of the kind of brand they are building.

“Everyone has a reason behind what they do; so before you criticize, listen to the person’s story and know what they have been through”.

“All Ebony needs is love. She has a great talent… Her style of dressing is not new to us. She was covered during her album launch. So find out her reason and just show love. I mind my business but this is not something I’d condemn. People nicodemusly watch performance after criticizing her. She has a management so leave her to do her thing,” he noted.

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Ebony has been scolded for her raunchy style of dressing by a section of the public but the artiste on every occasions appeared unperturbed about the comments, has observed.

According to the ‘90s bad gyal’, she has been wearing skimpy or revealing clothes way before she entered into music.

“The bad girl brand people see out there is a true representation of me. This is how I have been even before coming into the limelight… I don’t pretend to be who I am not. I am a very bad girl and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And I am proud to say it. I have nine piercings and a lot of tattoos all over my body and this is how I want to live my life” she told Showbiz.

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Her worst experience of backlash, perhaps, was after pictures that showed her vajayjay went viral. Clad in a blue dress which could best be described as a ‘swimsuit’, and a long black net, Ebony who was posing for pictures at the 9th edition of the annual 4syte TV Music Video Awards could not ‘protect’ her groin region as her vajayjay went in full glare.

In her response, Ebony said the incident was a result of “wardrobe malfunction” and not because she wants attention as many people say.


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