I don’t call Enwai; I don’t really care about him – Paa Kwasi


Two years after the collapse of music group, Dobble, a former member, Paa Kwasi says there has not been any sort of communication between them and as a matter of fact, he does not care because there is no need.

He was responding to a question from Atinka TV’s Oforiwa which sought to find out the relationship between him and Enwai after the split.

“I am cool with everybody; I don’t know about him [Enwai]. I don’t call him because there is no need. I will when the need arises…” he said.

Asked if his response suggests he cares less about his former team member, Paa Kwasi replied in the affirmative saying, “I don’t really care. We’re brothers; I’ve not been calling you, why not call me? What stops you?”

On whether he composed most of the songs Dobble released, Paa Kwasi refused to take credit saying “I believe what we did as Dobble stays as Dobble. It was team work.”

Paa Kwasi however noted that he has achieved more than what Dobble did as he has become one of the best and vibrant acts.

Dobble collapsed two years ago after the group worked on the ‘Christy’ song. The song was adjudged Most Popular Song of the Year at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Paa Kwasi after leaving the Dobble group has released songs like ‘Nipa Dasani,’ ‘Abe,’ ‘Be Warm Me,’ ‘Asete’ among others.


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