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Killbeatz’s management disappointed in Fuse ODG; tells their side of the story


After news broke that afro-pop artiste, Fuse ODG had thrown Killbeatz out of his house, management of the record producer says he was not sacked; rather, there was a disagreement between the two and Killbeatz decided to leave the house, can report.

Fuse ODG was said to have sacked Killbeatz from the $1m mansion after the artiste had confirmed complains that Killbeatz had been breaking the in-house rules he (Fuse ODG) set. What broke the camel’s back, according to the story, was when Fuse ODG discovered a pot of blood in one of the rooms when he paid an unannounced visit to his house.

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Reacting to the story on Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’, Tuesday, Jeffery Addo, a member of Killbeatz’s team debunked the claims and expressed disappointment in Fuse ODG.

“I hear people saying Fuse has driven Killbeatz out of the house which is not true. The issue about the blood is also not what people are thinking. Killbeatz hasn’t been sacked. It’s just a little misunderstanding they had and Killbeatz decided to leave the house. It can’t happen. Fuse can’t sack Killbeatz. Killbeatz made Fuse. Fuse has no right to say that he’s sacked Killbeatz from the house. I’m very disappointed in Fuse because he made this issue come out…,” Jeffery said.

Fuse with Killbeatz and other colleagues having fun at the mansion back then

On whether Killbeatz was a joint owner of the house, a reason which might be the basis of their claim that Fuse ODG cannot sack Killbeatz, Jeffery refused to answer as he indicated that a detailed press statement will be released soon to address all issues.

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Despite serving notice of a press release, Jeffery moved on to dispel assertions of a pot of blood Fuse ODG discovered upon reaching the house.

According to him, the blood was that of a ram which had been killed for a barbecue as Killbeatz was celebrating his birthday.

“A Muslim friend was invited over to do the slaughtering of the ram. And you know Muslims, before you slaughter an animal, you have to dig a hole to pour the blood in. It was just a normal slaughtering of a ram for a barbecue. It’s not like anybody brought a juju man to the house. We are confused as to how this issue is going. If Fuse is claiming that he is taking Africa to the world, then he should learn our culture,” he told host, Sammy Flex, while stating emphatically that the blood was not in a pot.

Jeffery alleged that “Somebody in the house took a picture and sent to him [Fuse ODG] trying to frame up a story that we are doing rituals in the house. I believe the person has his own agenda.”


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