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ISSUES! Afia Schwarzenegger’s ‘husband’ breaks silence


Lawrence Abrokwah, ‘husband’ of actress and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, has finally opened up on the video which captures his ‘wife’ in bed with another man.

While Afia says the marriage collapsed months ago, Mr. Abrokwah insisted on Kofi TV that, the actress is still his wife.

Explaining why he recorded the video, Abrokwah said Afia always snubbed him with a cheeky response that she owns her vag!na and could therefore have sɛx with whoever she chooses to.

‘’I have sat Afia down severally but she’s not someone you can talk to. She doesn’t listen to advice. When issues come up, I try to call her sometimes to sort it out as a husband and head of the family, but she refuses to comply.

‘’I remember calling her at dawn sometimes to speak on issues and all she could say was, ‘you always talk about the same thing all the time. My vag!na does not belong to you, I can do whatever with it’’ he recounted.

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Contrary to claims that he leaked the video, Abrokwah vehemently denied saying, “Yes, I did record my wife but I will never do such a thing, putting my wife on social media. Who can testify that I have ever put my wife on Facebook? I don’t know anything about the leakage. Yes, I took the video, the police has the video, I sent a copy to her father and Afia has a copy of the video. I have no idea and we still investigating and we will get to the bottom of this situation”.

He further denied claims that he had extra marital affairs with his maid whose voice was heard in an audio reporting Afia’s sɛxual escapades to him.

“I’m a very good guy who respects each and every other person I come across. Because of that I’m usually liked by people I cross paths with. I had no negative intentions for our maid. The fact that she is a maid doesn’t mean I must disrespect and maltreat her. I did not have any sɛxual relationship with her. If she (Afia) knew that I was bonking the maid, why did she wait until I caught her with another man in our matrimonial home before coming out with those allegation?” he quizzed.

“The maid was aware that we hadn’t separated but were having some difficulties so I had to leave the house for things to return to normal which is normal in every relationship. So when she saw another man in the house, she thought it wise to inform me and based upon her tipoff, I rushed home to find my wife in bed with another man” he added.

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