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How Nyansapo climbed ‘The Ladder’ to serve immeasurable laughter


For the thousands who thronged the National Theatre last Saturday to watch a staple of Nyansapo Productions, it was indeed a great moment as they were served a heavy dosage of a stage comedy play with morals.

Setting the ball rolling was Dodzi who recited a nicely woven poem about Ghana’s educational system and how it makes students stiff instead of training them to be dynamic and innovative.

Another captivating performance from a trio followed with Elormgh showing his dexterity on the mouth organ, Nene Narh on the acoustic guitar and Faiba delivering inspirational poem concurrently.

Then came a lady who announced that due to an injunction, Nyansapo will not stage “National Science & Maths Quiz” as earlier publicised but patrons will enjoy what has been cooked and was to be served: ‘The Ladder’.

Yes, a high court granted an injunction filed by Primetime Limited, producers of the annual National Science and Maths Quiz, to stop a play titled “National Science and Maths Quiz” as the firm argued that permission was not sought aside the fact that it will hurt the image of the competition.

The announcement was greeted with murmur from patrons but immediately the curtain was lifted for the commencement of the play, attentiveness arose.

‘The Ladder’ took patrons down memory lane as it projected activities of pupils in a humorous manner. It ranged from bullying, love letters through to how people prepared towards climbing ‘The Ladder’ to occupy the first position in class.

It starred Clemento Suarez, Foster Romanus, Dr. So, Jeneral Nta Tia, Delong, Komla Mensah, Mawuli Jack Sparrow, Fred Amugi, Pearl, Rifkata, Vivian, Shaka and Jennifer.

Although it took them few hours to put together the piece following the injunction, as stated by the director, Delong, it was nicely executed giving patrons value for money.

For the two hours spent at the auditorium, there was never a dull moment; the response from patrons indeed sent a clear indication.

It was witty!


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