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Ayitey Powers and Baba Spirit fight on UTV’s Real News; Akrobeto screams for help


Boxer, Ayitey Powers and comedian, Baba Spirit continue to behave like rivals as they end up brawling whenever they meet.

It is unclear whether the acts are staged or not but for the fourth time, these two personalities have engaged in verbal altercations and nearly traded blows.

Ayitey and Baba appeared on UTV’s Real News, a satirical show hosted by Akrobeto, Friday, October 19, 2018. None could tolerate the other!

“Your mother” said angry Ayitey, a statement which attracted a sharp response from Baba Spirit.

“You too your father. You want to insult me?… The next time you want to invite me, note that I don’t want to be seated with a monkey. Here’s not a zoo. I want to engage a human being…” Baba Spirit retorted.

Before Akrobeto could say ‘Jack’, tempers had flared. It had to take the intervention of some members of the crew to separate the two ‘furious’ entertainers.

Ayitey Powers and Baba Spirit are scheduled to be in the ring for a curtain-raiser to a WBO title fight between former IBO champion, Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe and Namibia’s Paulus Moses at the Bukom Boxing Arena, Saturday with Bukom Banku as the ring announcer.


The friction between Ayitey Powers and Baba Spirit, according to sources, stems from long held feud. Baba Spirit has allegedly been throwing jabs at the boxer amidst mockery after the latter lost to Bukom Banku.

Baba was reported to have said that as slim as he is, he could beat Ayittey Powers. He is also said to have stated that Ayittey is so weak that even his wife beats him.


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