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Ajeezay and his ‘nonfa’ craft


Chance on any Ajeezay wordplay and you will certainly burst into laughter. The gravity of his creativity is simply overwhelming and unique to leave a lasting impression even on people with indifferent attitude towards comedy.

Ajeezay’s jokes capture the literal, unconventional approach of interpreting objects and popular maxims with physical demonstrations. The seriousness with which he approaches his craft is enough for one to laugh their ribs out.

These observational jokes have earned him a title – Ajeezay, the Nonfa King.

“No one does this in Ghana. This is what makes me unique. Creativity and originality is my hallmark,” he said .


Ajeezay is an epitome of versatility as his craft is not only centered on wordplays. He is a standup comedian, an actor, a dancer, a musician and an emcee. The young man in his twenties has performed at several events including DKB’s Point of View comedy show where he wowed patrons with some good liners and puns.

As part of his brand, Ajeezay is always seen on stage in a white shirt with fancy red epaulettes accompanied with goofy spectacle.

He has starred in a number of music videos including Obrafour’s ‘ Nkontompo ’, Ackay Blay’s ‘Take Away ’, Strongman’s ‘Against ’ and Choirmaster’s ‘Thunder Faya ’.

Check out some of Ajeezay’s trivial but rather profound sense of creativity below:


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