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African Women’s Development Fund partners Lokhanda to combat sexual assault


As part of efforts to empower women and promote the realisation of their rights, the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) has partnered Lokhanda, a leading self-defence organisation, to train its staff and executives against sexual assault.

The two-day training programme, which was held at the AWDF premises in Accra last week, was also to build confidence and provide self-defence skills to women.

Participants were taken through an empowerment seminar and physical training workshop in that respect.

The programme focused on methods of recognising and avoiding dangers as well as the acquisition of skills and strategies of an effective physical self-defence against rape, sexual assault and common attacks.

The workshop was led by Lord Kwadjo Andoh, founder and executive director of Lokhanda. He focused on kindergarten, simple, quick and yet effective awareness skills.

That included verbal and hand-to-hand self-protection or survival skills using palms, knees, elbows and kicks to defend against various strikes, chokes and grabs under real-life stress conditions in a fun and positive way.

The CEO of the African Women’s Development Fund, Theo Sowa, stated how appreciative she was for such a great awareness and self-defence training administered by Lokhanda and called the attention for sister-women and other corporate organisations to partner Lokhanda and use that opportunity to learn new real life and effective self-defence skills to curb abuse, sexual assault and other gender-based emergencies in the country.

Lokhanda is a non-profit self-defence organisation creating awareness and empowering women/girls against sexual assault and violence. It was founded in 2010 by Lord Kwadjo Andoh, and it has trained myriad of women.

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