Wogbejeke: Chief Moomen celebrates Azumah Nelson in new play


Heritage Theatre Series, producers of ‘Wogbejeke’ play have launched the second phase of the series which seeks to tell the stories of individual heroes in Ghana.

The new ‘Wogbejeke’ theatre production will focus on boxing legend Azumah Nelson – his experiences, challenges, successes and entire life story.

According to Chief Moomen, the writer and producer of the series, the play titled ‘Zoom Zoom: Once upon a Champion’ is basically meant to celebrate Azumah Nelson.

“It will be a beautiful mélange of music, dance and drama, with exciting well-choreographed boxing scenes. It will trace the life of Azumah as a young aspiring boxer in Bukom to the celebrated champion on the international stage. Overall, it will be a glorious celebration of the champion’s life,” he said.

Azumah Nelson, excited by the news expressed his confidence in Chief Moomen and his team to put up an excellent production.

He stated at a press launch in Accra to outdoor the project the public, the boxing legend that having seen a number of productions by Chief Moomen, he believed that the young poet and playwright was the right person to tell his story.

The Azumah play is scheduled for December 2018 in three levels; a strictly by invitation VIP show, a regular show open to the general public and a special show at Bukom to take the Azumah story back to where it all began.

Wogbekeje,  play by playwright and poet Chief Moomen, has for the past three years of thrilled Ghanaian audiences from Tamale to Accra with the epic theatre productions of grand reenactment of Ghana’s history from ancient to modern times.


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