Combating sexual assaults: Lokhanda empowers Legon female students


To some people, women empowerment is only providing women the opportunity to be economically and financially independent.

But to Lokhanda, in addition to the above, empowering women includes equipping them with quick and effective safety awareness and self-defense skills.

As part of this year’s Women’s Health Fair, the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana, supported by the Global Arts and Development Centre (GADEC) on April 21, 2018 partnered Lokhanda, one of Africa’s leading self-defense organizations, to coach females on how to defend themselves.

Lord Kwadjo Andoh, Maclean Eli and Sani Mahama took participants through rigorous functional exercises to help increase their strength, endurance, burn calories and also enhance their cardiovascular health and physical performance.

The students were further encouraged to be confident, cautious and responsible.

Speaking to the press after the event, Founder and Executive Director of Lokhanda, Mr Andoh called on Government and other stakeholders to support the entity as they do their bit to curb sexual assault and other gender based violence in Ghana.

NB: Lokhanda is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana, Africa, dedicated to creating awareness, providing educational and physical self-defense training skills to empower women/girls against abuse and other violence such as bullying, harassment, sexual assault, rape, relationship violence, stalking and etc.

Contact Lokhanda to partner or book your private or group self-defense seminars, workshops, and fitness workout sessions Email: and Mobile: 0550229989

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