Events – The local food festival, is finally here!


Diet-related diseases have been on the rise lately due to our bad eating habits and adulterated diets. Some diets today are over-garnished with too much cholesterol, exposing people to a host of cardiovascular diseases.

Guess what. is here to revamp our appetite for local cuisines. It’s going to be a festival that will showcase healthy local diets and drinks from almost every ethnic group in Ghana.

Organized by Eventit, is a festival of traditional food tourism. It is going to be a gathering where we would relive our almost extinct delicacies and ensure their continued existence.

This unique food festival is organized by Eventit in partnership with Agoo TV and Ghana Folklore Board. It is supported by Orijin and Odehye3 beer.

Happening from Friday, 26th to Sunday, 28th October at the Kumasi Jubilee Park, 2018 will start at 9am until daybreak each day.

If you need a place to taste something excitingly local, you know where to go. And hey… wear something African when coming!

Source: Scribe News


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